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Part: V Using Advanced Features > Using Photoshop/ImageReady, Illustrator, Live...

Hour 17. Using Photoshop/ImageReady, Illustrator, LiveMotion, and Generic Smart Objects

It is hard to describe how awesome Smart Objects are in this version of GoLive. The feature integrates GoLive with image and document editing applications so well that it is difficult to fathom all it can do. But that is the purpose of this hour, to get you excited about using Smart Objects as a tool for more effectively creating Web pages.

So, now we'll try to explain all of the great things you can use Smart Objects for.

  • Use native files—You can freely drop images, even PDFs (Acrobat Portable Document Format files), into GoLive pages with disregard to their format or size. This is possible because GoLive has the capability to read the original files and optimize them on the fly, maintaining a link to the native file. If you decide that GIF is a better format than JPEG, or that the size should be larger, you simply make the changes in GoLive and the optimized file is discarded and a new one is automatically created!

    Optimization is the process of making a file as small as possible for quick download times on the Web. It requires some give and take to get the quality and the file size to a reasonable balance.

  • Make multiple variations on one file—Now take it a step further. You use a text layer on top of a button in Photoshop or ImageReady. Perhaps the button is supposed to be used 50-plus times in your site with different text on each button. GoLive enables you to set the topmost layer as a Variable, meaning that you can update the text 50 different times right in GoLive! Here's something even better, if anything other than the topmost layer is changed—perhaps you add a layer effect to the button or change the color—that will be updated in all 50 buttons.

  • Create multiple smart objects with different settings—A new feature with this version is that the settings for each Smart Object are maintained with the object. You can use one source for multiple optimized images, each maintaining its own settings.

  • Turn text into a banner—Type text and automatically turn it into a banner based upon an image already created in Photoshop or ImageReady. The text typed into GoLive takes on the attributes of your text layer in Photoshop and turns itself into a banner.

Obviously, Smart Objects do a lot work for you if you know how to use them, so let's get started!

So, how does this work? The process is simple, but varies slightly depending upon the Smart Object selected. Four Smart Objects are located on the Smart section of the Objects palette. They include the Smart Photoshop, Illustrator, LiveMotion, and Generic Objects.

In this hour, you'll learn the following:

  • Using the Smart Photoshop and ImageReady Objects

  • Using native Illustrator files with Smart Objects

  • Using Smart LiveMotion Objects

  • Using the Smart Generic Objects

  • Using variables in Smart Objects



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