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Part: V Using Advanced Features > Using the QuickTime Editor

Hour 16. Using the QuickTime Editor

GoLive 6 includes a powerful built-in video editor that enables you not only to create new movies but also to combine existing movies with transitions, filters, audio, text, and animation. GoLive also offers compression capabilities to optimize movies for the Web.

In this hour's lesson, you learn how to open and edit movie files in GoLive using the QuickTime Editor and the QuickTime section of the Objects palette.

If you have experience in video editing, the TimeLine will be familiar to you. Don't worry if this is your first introduction to using a time-based feature; think of this hour as an opportunity to gain an understanding of how multimedia applications work.

Before delving into this section with plans to make a site packed with lots of movies, consider your viewers' wants and needs. Design your pages with options to download movie files instead of surprising the viewers with long download times. Increased bandwidth is improving download times of movies, but not everybody can take advantage of the latest technology.

In this hour, you'll learn about the following:

  • Making sure that your computer is ready for QuickTime

  • Understanding the QuickTime Editor interface

  • Adding additional Sound and Video tracks to your QuickTime movie

  • Making adjustments to the tracks on the Timeline

  • Compressing video for the Web



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