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Coming from a print and design background the transition into Web page creation for me was both exciting and difficult at the same time. I guarantee you will love the interactivity and the speed in which you can respond to new marketing needs and corrections on the Web. Now with the advances in Adobe GoLive 6, you can have a practically seamless transition into the Web world. Whether you come from a coding or a design background, GoLive 6 satisfies all needs and all levels of expertise.

You might think it's unrealistic to learn such complex software in a single day, but Sams Teach Yourself Adobe GoLive 6 in 24 Hours will teach you about the most important features of the software in 24 easy one-hour lessons. For the sake of comprehension, we recommend reading only one or two chapters per day and spending some time using and reviewing the skills you acquire before moving on.

What This Book Assumes

This book is intended for everyone from beginners who have never created a Web page, to intermediate users who have experience in designing Web sites but have never before used GoLive. We do assume that you are comfortable using a computer, opening and saving files, and that you are familiar with the basic ideas of building Web pages, such as Web graphics and hyperlinks. It's easy to learn Adobe GoLive 6 because each hour-long lesson is full of step-by-step instructions, screenshots, tips, and tricks.

How This Book Is Organized

Part I, “Getting Started with GoLive” (Hours 1–3)

The first three lessons will familiarize you with the GoLive work environment, creating new Web sites, and creating new Web pages. You'll also learn how to change your preferences and enable GoLive modules for maximum productivity.

Part II, “Designing a Home Page” (Hours 4–8)

These five hours will teach you how to use the fundamental building blocks of any Web page: text, graphics, tables, layout grids, and floating boxes. These basic page-building skills will be the basis of all Web-page designs you do in the future.

Part III, “Building a Web Site” (Hours 9–11)

By now, you will have learned how to build individual Web pages. These three chapters will teach you how to combine those Web pages into Web sites. You'll learn how to use GoLive's site management tools, make your designs consistent and efficient, and use HTML frames for site navigation.

Part IV, “Adding Interactivity to a Web Site” (Hours 12–15)

These four hours explain how to add more exciting and interactive content to your Web pages. You'll learn how to design forms, use JavaScript actions, and create amazing DHTML animations. You'll also learn how to place multimedia plug-in content on a Web page.

Part V, “Using Advanced Features” (Hours 16–20)

Part V covers some of the advanced features of GoLive 6 including the QuickTime Editor, Smart Object integration with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe LiveMotion. You'll also learn about site mapping with the site diagrams, Cascading Style Sheets, and controlling HTML source code. These lessons will teach you to be more productive and give you more control over your Web sites.

Part VI, “Publishing and Maintaining Your Web Sites” (Hours 21–24)

The last four hours of the book will teach you how to prepare your Web site for public release. You'll learn how to clean up your site, upload to your Web server with FTP, and promote your site to search engines.

Conventions Used in This Book

This book uses the following conventions:

Text that you type or see onscreen appears in monospace.

A Note presents interesting information related to the discussion.

A Tip offers advice or shows you an easier way to do something.

A Caution alerts you to a possible problem and gives you advice on how to avoid it.

What's on the Web Site?

On the Web site, you will find downloadable, compressed archives containing the files that are occasionally called for to complete certain exercises in this book. All files are organized by hour numbers for ease in locating them. You'll also find necessary book updates and some helpful links on our Web site. To get to the Web site, point your Web browser to http://www.golivein24.com/.

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