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Part: I Getting Started with GoLive > Creating a Site File

Hour 2. Creating a Site File

What is a Web site? Most Web pages are not built alone. That would lead to a pretty dull source of information. A Web site is a collection of pages that are linked together through hyperlinks. A hyperlink is a reference (link) from some point in one HTML document to (some point in) another document or another place in the same document.

Just like a well-organized publication, a Web site needs to have a Cover. This is typically named index.html or default.html; ask your service provider which is required for your site. It also needs some sort of organization like a table of contents. This will help direct the viewer to the information he or she seeks. This, of course, requires organization and planning. In this hour we will first look at your competitors and how they organize their sites, and then we will show you how to create a site. We will either plan with a pencil and paper or use the diagrams feature discussed in Hour 20, “Creating a Site Diagram,” to give you a clear path to follow.

Preplanning is essential or you will lose track of where to place new information and create a navigation nightmare. Viewers will then become frustrated and leave your site for lack of a clear direction.

During this hour, you'll learn that GoLive is more than just an HTML editor. GoLive is a Web site builder that manages resources such as Web pages, Web graphics, and hyperlinks. In this version GoLive has provided a Site Wizard. This Wizard will take you through a step-by-step process to create a new site. After making the initial decision whether you are creating a single- or multiple-user site, you are given the opportunity to choose one of four ways to create a site. Because all are important to understand, we'll cover all four of them. Don't worry if you don't have the resources to create your own site at this time. Learn the techniques to building a site so that when you are ready to create your pages you can have the skills to organize them into a site.

During Hour 2, you'll learn

  • The difference between a single-user and multiple-user Web site

  • How GoLive manages Web sites

  • How to create a Web site from scratch

  • How to create a Web site from an existing folder

  • How to create a Web site from a Site Template

  • How to create a Web site from an FTP server

  • How to examine basic Site window functionality

  • How to add resources to your Web site

  • How to manage your Web site in the Site window



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