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Q1: I tried to drag and drop some text onto my grid, but I can't see all the text. What have I done wrong?
A1: When you drag text onto a grid, GoLive creates a small Layout text box for you and puts the text into it. If the text requires a larger size box, you'll see a small + (plus) sign in the bottom-right corner of the Layout text box. This visual cue tells you to resize the box to the dimensions necessary to accommodate your text.
Q2:I made some text a header 1 so that it would stand out, but I don't like the way it looks. How do I get rid of it?
A2: Use the same drop-down list in the Toolbar that you used to create the header, but instead of choosing a header number, choose None.
Q3:After I added a font set to a paragraph, I decided not to use it, but I don't know how to change it back.
A3: Select the text from which you want to remove the font. From the menu, choose Type, Font, Default Font. This will remove the <FONT FACE> tag from the source code and will return the text to its default state.
Q4:I made some links to other files on my hard drive using the Browse method, and then I uploaded the page. But when I went online to check the page, I got the error message 404, File Not Found. Why?
A4: You linked to files on your hard drive, but then didn't upload those files—you uploaded only the page containing the links. The result is a broken link and an error message. Even if you had uploaded the other files, they would have to be on the server in the same directories as they are on your hard drive. For example, if you linked to a file called myfile inside a folder called mystuff, which was inside another folder called myWebstuff, you would need to have the same folder structure on the server for the links to remain intact.

GoLive calls this problem orphan files, and will help you fix it. See Hour 9, “Using GoLive's Site Management Tools,” for more details.

For more information on links, please visit the Web site at www.golivein24.com.



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