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Hour 6. Designing Pages with Tables > Importing Text into Tables - Pg. 131

Designing Pages with Tables 131 Not only does this page use multiple tables, but also the top table has been made into a component. Components are pieces of HTML that can be created and dropped onto any number of pages. Later, if you edit the original file, GoLive automatically updates all the other files using the component for you. For details on how to use components, please read Hour 10, "Using Components, Stationeries, Library Snippets, and Page Templates." The first table, which is a navigation bar, is actually a table within a table. See Figure 6.21. The outside table is only one row and one column and is set to 103%. It is solid black. This means that the black table will always extend across the browser window. The navigation bar itself is centered inside of the one-celled table. Now if a viewer enlarges or reduces the size of the browser, the navigation bar stays consistent in distance between buttons, but it shifts in its entirety to always center in the back table.