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Hour 6. Designing Pages with Tables > Adjusting the Basic Table Attributes - Pg. 113

Designing Pages with Tables 113 Adjusting the Basic Table Attributes An HTML table consists of horizontal rows and vertical columns that intersect, similar to what you would see in a monthly calendar. The squares or rectangles created by the intersection of the rows and columns are called cells. By default, GoLive creates a table, consisting of three rows and three columns, which are 180 pixels in width. It has a border of 1 pixel, cell padding of 0 pixels, and cell spacing of 2 pixels. Let's learn what all that means, and how you can alter those settings to create the kind of table you want. To Do: Changing the Number of Rows and Columns in a Table To change the number of rows and columns in your table, complete the following steps: 1. Select the table by clicking once on its left or top border. A tiny square will appear next to the arrow cursor when you are in the correct spot. You will know the table is selected by the ap- pearance of a thin line around the outside of the table. Open the Inspector, if it is not already open, by choosing Window, Inspector from the menu, or by pressing Command+1 (Mac) or Control+1 (Windows) on your keyboard. Using the Inspector, you can now indicate how many rows and columns you want in your table. Type 4 into the Rows field and 5 into the Columns field. Your table now has four rows and five columns. Type 2 into the Rows field and 2 into the Columns field. Your table now has two rows and two columns. 2. 3. 4.