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Hour 12. Designing Forms for User Feedba... > Adding a Large Text Area for Comment... - Pg. 237

Designing Forms for User Feedback Note 237 Want to change the order in which the pop-up list items appear? Reorder your list using the arrows in the lower left of the Pop-up Form Inspector. As with radio buttons and check boxes, the Label and Value fields should both be completed in the Inspector. The Label field is so that you know what the pop-up option is; the Value field is what the data is stored as when the box is checked. The Labels and Values are the same in this example, but they do not have to be. Form list boxes are very similar to pop-ups except that form pop-ups have only one visible row of options, whereas list boxes have two or more visible rows of options. You can change this property in the Rows field of the Pop-up Form Inspector. Deciding to use a pop-up or a list box will depend on how much space you have on your Web page. Keep in mind that both Form lists and Form pop- ups can have the option checked for multiple selections in the Inspector. Adding a Large Text Area for Comments The last area to add to your form is a place for visitors to make a comment or ask a question that doesn't fit into one of your specific questions. The best way to do this is to use a large text area. To Do: Working with Text Areas