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Part: II Designing a Home Page > Using Graphics on a Web Page

Hour 5. Using Graphics on a Web Page

At its inception, the Internet was predominantly used by academics and was nothing but page after page of black text on a dreary gray background. It served the purpose of publishing information, which was generally scientific or academic in nature. There was no need for graphics beyond a few images and graphs here and there. Then designers became more involved in Web page creation and started to push the limit. Thanks to today's modern browsers and faster speeds due to wider bandwidths, you have the opportunity to be more creative than in the past, but there are still many limitations. In this section we will talk about the limitations of size and format, and then teach you how to integrate your images into a GoLive page. In this hour we will show you how to create and place different types of images in several ways, including how to create a background image. Make sure to download the appropriate images from www.golivein24.com, before you start.

In this hour, you'll learn about the following:

  • Resolution issues

  • Understanding which image types can be used

  • How to put images into your Site file

  • Placing an image on your page

  • Changing the size of an image

  • Aligning your image with the text

  • Placing a background image on your page

  • Adding a hyperlink to your image

  • Creating an Image Map



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