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Part: III Building a Web Site > Using Components, Stationeries, Library Snippet...

Hour 10. Using Components, Stationeries, Library Snippets, and Page Templates

Planning your Web site to be consistent not only makes your site easier to navigate but also makes it easier for you to update and revise as the site grows.

GoLive offers many tools to help develop a foundation for complete pages (Stationery and Page Templates), as well as elements on the pages (Components and Snippets).

Some of these features are meant to aid you in site creation, whereas others are dynamic and offer the opportunity to change the elements or page throughout a site with one edit.

You will soon discover that this hour is well worth the reading when you learn how to take advantage of time-saving features that are available for GoLive sites.

In this hour, you'll learn about the following:

  • The differences between Stationeries, Components, Libraries, and Page Templates

  • Creating and applying Stationeries

  • Creating and applying Components as dynamic page elements

  • Storing and reusing Snippets in the Site Library

  • Using the Library button on the Objects palette

  • Using Page Templates

To use the Component, Stationery, and Site Library features, a site must be open. If you have questions about how to build a site, please refer to Hour 2, “Creating a Site File.” Practice sites to use for this hour are also available at http://www.golivein24.com/.



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