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Hour 13. Understanding and Building Frames and Framesets

Love 'em or hate 'em, many people seem to have strong opinions about frames. Creating a Web page with frames enables you to contain multiple Web pages in a single browser window. The user can select a link in one frame that loads content into another existing frame, enabling the user to stay in the same browser window.

Frames can be an excellent way to present information on your Web site, but they can also be a navigational nightmare to your users. Take care and make sure that your frames are carefully created so the user can navigate to links that you provide in your site without being perpetually caught in your frames.

Certain types of Web sites are excellent candidates for a frame structure. A good example is a site with a table of contents constantly available so the user can make multiple selections. Why make the user continually navigate back to a table of contents page? You can load the table of contents page into a frame and load the requested content into another frame so both are present on the screen.

There may also be navigational issues that you can address with frames. If one part of the page never changes, for instance, the main navigational buttons at the top of the screen, then why continually reload them? You can put the navigational elements in a frame at the top of the page and allow the user to load new parts of your Web site into the bottom frame of the page.

In this hour, you will learn

  • The difference between frames and framesets

  • How to target content to load in a specific frame

  • How to set frame attributes, such as scrolling and borders

  • How to use behaviors to load content into more than one frame at a time



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