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“Ooooooo, Dreamweaver. I believe you can get me through the night.” Remember that song by Gary Wright? OK, some of you weren't born yet. The song brought up memories of seventh grade dances for me. I'm glad that Dreamweaver, the software, came along and replaced that vision in my head. Dreamweaver, the software, has helped me through a number of nights developing Web sites and Web applications!

What Is Dreamweaver MX?

Dreamweaver MX is newest version of Macromedia Dreamweaver, an award-winning HTML editor and Web application development tool. Some people do not exploit the more powerful features of Dreamweaver because they don't know about them. You will not be one of those people with this book in your hand!

Dreamweaver is excellent at quickly creating forms, frames, tables, and other objects. But Dreamweaver really shines when you need to make your Web page do something. Dreamweaver excels at Dynamic HTML (DHTML), the Web functionality that enables timeline animation, the exact positioning of content on a Web page, and the scripting to make it work. Don't know how to script? No problem! Dreamweaver includes behaviors, scripted functionality that you simply click to add to a certain object.

Who Should Use Dreamweaver MX?

Whether you are creating your very first Web page or have decided to try Web editing software after coding by hand for years, you are going to love Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. Dreamweaver gives you the freedom to visually design the look of a Web page and the power to make it act the way you want. Dreamweaver gives you the flexibility to create your own personal Web page or an entire corporate intranet site.

Who Should Use This Book?

This book is for anyone now using Dreamweaver, as well as anyone who is planning to. If you are new to Web development, this book will get you up to speed creating Web pages and Web sites. If you are already a Web developer, you'll find tips, tricks, and instructions to get all you can out of Dreamweaver MX.

This book covers creating regular Web pages in Dreamweaver MX, including forms, tables, interactivity, animation, and JavaScript. After you have mastered the techniques covered here, you may want to explore other advanced capabilities of Dreamweaver MX to create Web pages that connect to databases. This book does not cover connect-ing Web pages to databases. Connecting your Web pages to databases enables you to create Web pages that change dynamically depending on user choices.

How to Use This Book

Each hour of this book represents a lesson that should take you approximately an hour to learn. The book is designed to get you productively working in Dreamweaver MX as quickly as possible. There are numerous figures to illustrate the lessons in the book.

Each lesson begins with an overview and a list of topics. The lesson ends with questions and answers, a quiz, and some exercises that you can try on your own. Within the lessons you'll find the following elements, which provide additional information:

Notes give extra information on the current topic.

Tips offer advice or an additional way of accomplishing something.

Cautions signal you to be careful of potential problems, giving you information on how to avoid or fix them.

And remember: have fun!

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