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Hour 4. Setting Lots o' Links: Hyperlinks, URLs, Anchors, and Mailto Links

A hyperlink allows the viewer to jump to another Web page, jump to another section of the current Web page, or launch an e-mail application. A Web site is made up of a group of Web pages. Hyperlinks enable your Web page viewers to navigate from page to page. Hyperlinks, in the simplest form, are the familiar underlined and colored text that you click. Many Web sites take advantage of linked graphics, sometimes with mouse rollover effects, to implement hyperlinks.

Hyperlinks help make the Web a powerful source of information. If you've surfed the Web at all, I'm sure you've clicked many, many hyperlinks. But hyperlinks can also make the Web confusing. Sometimes it is difficult to remember the exact path you took to find information. That can make it difficult to get back to the information when you want to see it again.

Design your Web sites so viewers do not get confused. Don't link your viewers to dead-end pages within your site from which they have no way of returning.

A Web address is called a Uniform Resource Locator, or URL. You can link many types of files over the Web, but only a few file types will display in a browser. The browser displays supported image formats, HTML, plug-in applications, and a few other specialized types of files. If a link leads to a file that the browser can't display (a .zip file, for example), the browser will usually ask you if you'd like to save the file to your hard drive.

In this hour, you will learn

  • When to use relative and absolute paths

  • How to create a hyperlink to another page within your Web site and to a page outside your Web site

  • How to create hyperlinks within a page

  • How to add a link that opens a pre-addressed e-mail message



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