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Part: IV Dynamic HTML: Layers, Cascading... > Adding Advanced Behaviors: Drag Laye...

Hour 17. Adding Advanced Behaviors: Drag Layer

Now you will apply a more advanced Dreamweaver behavior, the Drag Layer behavior. The Drag Layer behavior enables you to create layers that the user can drag around the browser window. You can even constrain the area within which the layer can be dragged. This capability is useful for creating sliders, puzzles, dialog boxes, and other interactions.

You can use the Drag Layer behavior to let users interact with objects on your Web page. For instance, you might have a layer that contains a map legend. You could make that layer draggable so the user could move it out of the way if it happened to be blocking part of the map. Or you could create a blank face and let people drag different noses, ears, eyes, and so on, onto the face.

In this hour, you will learn

  • How to create a draggable layer

  • How to create a target layer

  • How to use the onLoad event

If you need to create complicated drag-and-drop interactions, you should investigate the CourseBuilder extension to Dreamweaver available at the Macromedia Exchange (see Appendix B, “Customizing Dreamweaver,” for information about extensions to Dreamweaver). The drag-and-drop interactions created by CourseBuilder have the capability to make an object return to its original position if dropped incorrectly.



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