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Hour 15. Formatting Your Web Pages with Cascading Style Sheets and HTML Styles

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) enable you to apply a property or group of properties to an object by applying a style to that object. You define and apply styles in Dreamweaver's CSS Styles panel. When thinking about styles, you usually think of creating and applying styles to text, which certainly is possible. However, styles can be used for positioning objects, creating borders, and lots more.

One of the benefits of using styles is the ability to simultaneously update every object with a certain style. If you create a default style, such as a style defined as Arial 12-point text, you can later change the font to Times Roman and all the objects with that style will instantly appear in the new font.

Cascading Style Sheets are part of dynamic HTML (DHTML). Your viewers will need to have a 4.0 or later browser version to view styles. Dreamweaver displays most styles in the Document window. The styles that Dreamweaver can't display are noted with an asterisk when you are defining the style.

There are three different style types, and during this hour, you will learn how to create a style with all three. You will create a custom style, redefine an existing HTML tag, and use a CSS Selector style to create a hyperlink rollover effect.

In this hour, you will learn

  • How to create each of the three style types: a custom style, a redefined HTML tag, and a CSS Selector style

  • How to apply styles to objects

  • How to create an external style sheet for your entire Web site

  • How to convert a Web page containing styles so that older browsers can display the text formatting

  • How to create an HTML style



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