Animating with Timelines 274 After you create a second timeline, you need to trigger it. You can select the Autoplay check box to trigger the second timeline along with the first one. You can also trigger the second timeline by attaching the Play Timeline behavior to a generic button. You can also trigger a timeline to play immediately after another timeline by inserting the Play Timeline behavior into the last frame's B channel in the first timeline. Summary In this hour, you learned how to record the movement of a layer. You learned how to add layers to a timeline and change their properties. You added a keyframe so you could add properties to an additional frame. Q&A Q1: A1: Help! My timeline doesn't play. What's wrong? First, check that you dragged a layer and not an image into the Timelines panel. Then make sure you have checked the Autoplay check box. Is the animation bar starting at frame 1? If not, your animation may be playing empty frames before it gets to your con- tent. I'm right-clicking in the Timelines panel, but I don't see the Insert Keyframe command in the context menu. Where is it? You need to right-click on an individual animation bar to get the context menu to appear. You can't click on the top of the playback Q2: A2: