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Q1:Can I make my own templates?
A1: Sure. In fact, doing so can save you lots of time if you create many similar pages.

To make your own templates, just build a page containing the elements that you tend to reuse from project to project. Create new pages by opening and editing that template file, making sure to save the creations with new filenames (using File, Save As) so that the template itself remains unaltered and ready to serve up the next new page.

Q2:Can I copy cool pages I visit online to use them as templates?
A2: Yes and no. (Don't you just hate answers like that?)

Technically, sure, you can grab any page you see online, save it on your PC, open it in Composer, and edit it. One way to do this task is to visit the page in Netscape and then choose File, Edit Page from the Netscape menu bar. Doing so opens the page in Composer so that you can edit it and save the edited version on your PC.

Another way to get the same result is to visit the page and then choose File, Save As from the Netscape menu bar. A dialog box for saving the Web page files (pictures and all) on your PC opens. After you save the files, you can disconnect from the Internet and open the files in Composer for editing.

Even though you can do this procedure, you usually shouldn't. For one thing, the page and its contents (including pictures) might be copyrighted, which means that using any part of it is a big, fat no-no. And even if the page is not copyrighted, it's someone else's work, so you bring bad karma on yourself if you steal it. You might be tempted to think that if you change all the words and pictures and just borrow the layout, it's okay. Well, in most cases the underlying HTML code might be copyrighted, too, so you're still busted.

For another thing, you don't need to copy anybody else's work. You have the tools to do anything you want, on your own, and within the next 20 hours, you'll have the skills. All you need after that is a little practice.



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