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Q1:Sometimes, my browser adds scrollbars to my frames when they're not really necessary. What can I do about that?
A1: By default, browsers add scrollbars whenever a file's contents seem to exceed the frame. You might be able to eliminate the problem by adjusting the formatting of the content file or the size of the frame in which it is displayed so that the content sits comfortably in the frame.

Keep in mind, however, that just because everything fits in your display, this does not mean it will always do so in every visitor's browser. Variations in font size, display resolution, and other display factors can cause material that fits in a frame on your computer to exceed the frame on someone else's. Leaving scrollbars enabled helps ensure that all frames-capable visitors can navigate your page.

If you're confident that scrollbars are unnecessary, but they still show up, you can prevent them in two ways: In HTML Assistant Pro, when defining the content page to use for each frame (look back at Figure 18.4), click the No option in the Scrolling box. Or, you can edit the HTML directly and add the SCROLLING="NO" attribute to the <FRAME SRC> line for the frame, as shown in the following line:

<FRAME SRC="sample.htm" SCROLLING="NO">

By the way, you can force browsers to display scrollbars on a frame, even when the browser considers them unnecessary, by either choosing the Yes option in HTML Assistant Pro or adding SCROLLING="YES" to the <FRAME SRC> line.

Q2:I've seen pages online that appear to have frames (parts of the page seem to operate independently of others), but no borders or scrollbars appear between frames. How do I do these?
A2: Doing it in HTML Assistant Pro is easiest. When defining the frames, click the Advanced check box at the top of the Frames Setup dialog box. The dialog box expands to reveal more options below. For each frame, click the frame in the picture and then clear the check box labeled Border in the expanded area.

That step removes borders, but scrollbars still appear if the selection under Scrolling is Auto or Yes. To prevent the scrollbars from appearing, choose No.



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