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Part IV: Adding Pizzazz with Multimedia > Snazzing Up Your Page with Sound, Vid...

Hour 15. Snazzing Up Your Page with Sound, Video, and Special Effects

At the simplest level, adding a little multimedia zip to your pages is extremely easy, requiring mostly Web authoring skills you already possess. But beyond a few simple tricks, Web multimedia gets pretty heavy and quickly escapes the scope of this book.

So, this hour offers two kinds of new wisdom: First, it shows how you can quickly add a little sizzle to your pages through some easy techniques. Then it introduces you to the big, fat, hairy world of external media, beginning (but by no means completing) your Web multimedia education without going so far as to blow any of your circuit breakers.

At the end of this hour, you'll be able to answer the following questions:

  • How does external media work, and what can I do with it?

  • How do I choose external media types to serve either the widest possible Web audience or a tightly targeted audience?

  • How do I insert links to external media in my Web pages?

  • How do I add the few available types of inline multimedia (such as inline video and background sounds)?

A couple of important kinds of multimedia have been left out of this hour, both well within your capabilities and both coming up in later hours:

You'll learn all about creating and using animated GIF images in Hour 16, “Creating Your Own Animations.” In Hour 17, “Editing HTML,” you'll learn how to use HTML Assistant Pro 2000, a program on the CD-ROM, to add video, sound, and scrolling marquees to your page by writing HTML code (that's not as scary as it sounds!).



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