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Day 21. Testing and Deploying Dynamic Ap... > Additional Troubleshooting Resources

Additional Troubleshooting Resources

A wealth of information is available on the Internet that can make solving problems much easier. As much as I would have liked, this book simply cannot be made large enough to cover ASP, JSP, CFML, and SQL programming in an in-depth manner. Although I've done what I can to provide an informative overview of these topics, sometimes you'll need further information:

  • http://www.blooberry.com/ BlooBerry is, in my mind, the definitive site for information on HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. Beyond just defining what the tags and attributes are, BlooBerry shows examples of the tags, as well as provides information about the browsers that support them, and what potential problems you might encounter.

  • http://www.mysql.com/ To effectively use UltraDev as a development tool, you must know your database server because it will be providing a great deal of the application logic. If you decide to use MySQL, be sure to check out the homepage, which has extensive documentation on how to run the server and use SQL itself.

  • http://jsptags.com/ The everything reference to JSP, including links to the official Sun documentation and reader forums to ask questions. JSPtags is an excellent site for anyone who uses JSP, whether an amateur or professional.

  • http://www.allaire.com/documents/cf4/CFML_Language_Reference/— There's no better reference for the ColdFusion Markup Language than Allaire's own Web site. Providing detailed information on all the available tags and functions, you'll want to bookmark this site if you're a CF developer.

  • http://aspfree.com/ This site has examples, online tutorials, and free Active Server Pages help. If you've never programmed ASP before, the complexity can be a bit overwhelming—this site will make everything clear.



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