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Week: 3 At a Glance > Answers for Day 6, “Introduction to Dynamic Web Applicati...

Answers for Day 6, “Introduction to Dynamic Web Applications and Database Design”

1: What portions of a Web site are best translated into a dynamic site?
A1: Repeating information, lists, and commonly updated information. These three components make up most of the dynamic data found on sites. You can certainly explore other areas of dynamic data, but these are the most prominent.
2: What does normalizing a database do?
A2: Normalizing a database removes redundancy from the existing data model. Redundancy can lead to problems when inserting, deleting, or updating records because multiple records might be affected by the change.
3: What is the first normal form?
A3: The first normal form of a data model is met when all the defined entities are devoid of repeating attributes. All repeating attributes must be broken out of the entity and placed in a new entity.
4: hat is the second normal form?
A4: An item is considered to be in the second normal form when all the attributes are dependent on the entity's unique identifier. If attributes between different instances of an entity are dependent on one another, these attributes must be broken out into a new entity.
5: What is the third normal form?
A5: The third normal form exists when an entity is in the second normal form and does not possess any attributes that are dependent on one another. If any of an entity's attributes is dependent on another attribute, those items must be placed in a newly defined entity.
6: What is a primary key?
A6: The primary key for a database table is the unique identifier that was defined for the originating entity.
7: What is a foreign key?
A7: A foreign key is nothing more than another table's (entity's) primary key, stored in order to create a relationship. For example, if I have many students in a single class, I would want to store the unique identifier (primary key) of the class with each of the students. That way, I could relate each of the students back to the class that they are taking.



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