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Week: 3 At a Glance > Answers for Day 19, “Advanced Techniques: Testing and Edu...

Answers for Day 19, “Advanced Techniques: Testing and Educating Online”

1: Why did we have to bypass the Go To URL behavior that is inherent to the Insert Record behavior?
A1: If we have redirected to another URL, or the same URL, the user's place in the test would be lost.
2: How is security of the administration section handled?
A2: In this exercise, the UltraDev user authentication behaviors are used to their fullest. The ability to define and use multiple levels of security allow you to build Web sites that offer many features at many different levels.
3: Why did you have to move code around manually in this chapter?
A3: When we changed some of the code around, UltraDev keyed on this code and lost its place on the page. This is one of the problems with manually edited code.
4: How did we hide a region without a Hide Region behavior?
A4: Never forget that you can edit the code in the page or add your own code at any time. UltraDev is a tool to help generate the code, but you can certainly make changes to the source code as you deem fit. So, the answer is, we didn't insert a hidden region, we inserted our own equivalent.
5: Because there isn't a server behavior to handle hiding a region when the quiz is done, how did we accomplish this amazing feat?
A5: To hide the quiz when the user has finished answering questions, we had to create two datasets—one with the number of questions, the other with the number of questions answered by the user. Comparing the total records in these two recordsets provides a perfect way to determine whether the quiz should be hidden.



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