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Week: 3 At a Glance > Answers for Day 13, “Advanced Components: Catalogs, Searc...

Answers for Day 13, “Advanced Components: Catalogs, Searches”

1: How do you match ANY values in SQL?
A1: An easy way to match all the values in a field is to use LIKE % as a qualifier for the field. The % character matches any character and therefore will match anything in the database.
2: What is an alternative method for handling the related items' functionality?
A2: An alternative way to have related items is to use a repeating value within a field and then search the contents of the fields for that value. This is not normalized, but it is cleaner code than the alternative solution.
3: How do you add Next and Previous functionality to a recordset?
A3: The Move To set of server behaviors enables you to navigate through a recordset using Next and Previous links—it also enables you to quickly go to a particular detail record within a recordset.
4: How is the Show Region behavior employed?
A4: The Show Region behavior is used to show a selection on a Web page, depending on conditions of a recordset. To use the behavior, just select the region in the document to show, and then choose the behavior from the Server Behavior palette.
5: What happens if you forget to name a file with the appropriate extension?
A5: Most likely, the program will fail to run. If you fail to name your files using the naming convention set by your application server model, the files will probably be interpreted as HTML and will not be displayed properly.
6: What is an alternative to the Previous behavior?
A6: In order to keep your server from having to repeat a query, you can use the browser's history to navigate back in the dataset. Just set a link to use javascript: history.back();, and all should be well.
7: What is the fastest way to create a Navigation Bar?
A7: Use the Recordset Navigation Bar object in the Object palette. This prebuilt collection of server behaviors will add all of the necessary navigation behaviors, as well as the Show Region behaviors, to a given document.



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