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Week: 3 At a Glance > Answers for Day 10, “Creating Database-Driven Screens”

Answers for Day 10, “Creating Database-Driven Screens”

1: What two components must be in place before a dynamic Web page can be created?
A1: Before you can even start creating a dynamic Web page, you must have a database connection in place. When you can connect to a database, you'll need to define a recordset that contains the fields you want to use on your Web page.
2: How does UltraDev generate its Live Data view?
A2: In order to show live data within the design screen, UltraDev takes a unique approach. It takes a copy of the page that is currently being written and saves it to either a remote or local production server. It then accesses the file from the server, forcing it to be executed. The resulting Web page is used to render the Live Data preview.
3: How do you create a repeating region?
A3: Repeating regions are very simple to create—just select the appropriate data to be repeated in the design view and choose the Repeat Region server behavior. UltraDev handles all the dirty work. There is no need to worry about how table rows are repeated—as long as the row is selected, it will work.
4: What attributes can be bound to dynamic data?
A4: Any HTML attributes can be bound to dynamic data by clicking the “lightning bolt” in the Properties palette. If you can manually set an attribute in an HTML tag, you can set it using data from within a database.
5: How can images be used inside of a database?
A5: Images cannot be used inside of a database—at least not using the currently available version of UltraDev. In order to provide dynamic image support, you can just provide references to images from within the database.
6: What happens when a recordset is sorted?
A6: A sorted recordset alters the way data is returned from the resulting data. Instead of returning records in the order they are stored in the database, sorting them will return them in an order based on one of the fields in the database.
7: Do you need an extra field if you plan to use an image within a database?
A7: No, you do not need an extra field unless you plan to change the image file that a record references. An easier (and effective) way to provide an image reference without using a new field in the database is to name the images after the primary key in your database. Because the primary key must be unique for every record in the database, it can also be used to reference a unique file.



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