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Week: 3 At a Glance

Week 3: At a Glance

You've reached the final week of the text and should now be an UltraDev expert in terms of understanding the server behaviors, connections, data bindings, and other dynamic elements. What we haven't done, however, is build any complete Web sites within UltraDev. This final week is dedicated to building a series of sites that can be deployed online with very little modification. Within the next seven days, you'll create:

Randomized banner ads— As you've certainly seen before, banner ads are very popular. You can easily add similar randomly chosen images to your system using UltraDev and a simple database structure.

Seasonal theme images— Similar to the banner ads, you can even swap out images on your site based on a day or date. Instead of having a site that remains the same all year long, create one that includes images that change sitewide with the seasons.

Guestbooks— Let your users add a name and a comment to a Web page. A simple UltraDev application will give you online guestbooks in minutes.

Bulletin boards— Expanding the guestbook concept, create a fully function bulletin board system where the users can post/read messages, reply, and delete any message that they've submitted.

Dynamic, user specified content pages— Many Web sites include my Web page functionality, letting the user choose what content should be on a page and how it should be shown. UltraDev can even author applications like this.

Online testing applications— With more and more schools and organizations turning to the Web for quizzing, it is important to be able to quickly produce online tests and quizzes. Using UltraDev, you'll quickly create a system that dynamically generates tests and even scores them online.

Complex query systems— Trying to create systems that allow searching available data in a way that isn't exact is a bit of a problem within UltraDev. Using the power of your database server and advanced queries, you can easily add “fuzzy matching” to your sites.

E-Commerce sites— Finally, learn how to build the most common type of site online. Using UltraDev, you can build custom e-commerce solutions too.

Each of these projects can be combined with other projects, or expanded upon as you see fit. Every aspect of the site's creation will be covered, from start to finish.

Wrapping up the week will be information on what can and will go wrong when creating Web sites within the UltraDev environment. Although UltraDev is an excellent environment, things can and do go wrong. Learning what to expect can keep you from quietly (or not so quietly) going nuts.



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