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Week: 2 At a Glance

Week 2: At a Glance

With the document design tools out of the way, we can quickly move forward to the dynamic server-based tools in Week 2. UltraDev takes three very different programming languages and provides a common interface to using them all. Using a simple point-and-click interface, you can create custom database driven Web sites that require absolutely no programming knowledge.

That said, one of the largest mental leaps that needs to be made to use UltraDev needs to be made by people who are programmers. The dynamic tools, although simple to use, are more focused on designers than programmers and require some getting used to. Week 2 will provide straightforward information to non-programmers, and also introduce programmers to the application in such a way that they can incorporate it into existing programming knowledge.

UltraDev creates dynamic applications using a series of behaviors along with data that is bound to each behavior. These behaviors accomplish very specific tasks, such as displaying information from a database or showing a message onscreen. By itself, a server behavior is very small and won't make your site into a dazzling dynamic masterpiece. Combined with other behaviors, however, you can create something that is, indeed, very complex. Some of the available behaviors you'll work with include the following:

  • Showing/Hiding information conditionally

  • Displaying/Updating/Deleting information from a database

  • Authenticating user information based on usernames and passwords

  • Passing information from page to page

By the end of the second week, each of these behaviors (and several others) will be discussed in depth. You'll also learn how to use these features together to build common elements of dynamic Web sites. In fact, almost every aspect of UltraDev will be explained by the end of the second week.

You should feel completely comfortable with each behavior by the time you're done. What's missing, however, is the applied knowledge that you get only by doing. With this in mind, I've created each lesson in the final week so that by the end of each day, you've created a new and different Web site based on common and useful sites that you see and use everyday.



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