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Week: 2 At a Glance > In Review

Week 2. In Review

Completing the second week of Sams Teach Yourself Dreamweaver UltraDev in 21 Days means that you should have a full working knowledge of the functions that UltraDev offers. The final week will use server behaviors extensively, so you should spend as much time practicing with these behaviors as possible:

Recordsets— The recordset is the most common server behavior that you'll use. Recordsets put you in touch with the data in your database. A working knowledge of SQL is necessary in order to create advanced recordsets that do more than just select information from a database and display it.

Repeating Regions— Similar to Do While loops in traditional programming languages, Repeating Regions let you loop over the contents of a recordset, displaying each record as you go. You must understand the use of these regions in order to display more than a single record at a time.

Update/Insert/Delete— Showing the contents of a database isn't extremely useful without the ability to work with the data. The Insert, Update, and Delete server behaviors enable Web pages to modify the database in real-time.

Show Regions— Any element on a Web page can be shown or hidden based on the state of a recordset. You can use the Show Region behavior to deliver status messages to the user, or hide information that isn't applicable. Remember, hiding a region is the same as showing a region based on the opposite condition being true.

User Authentication— Checking a username and a password is a very common activity on a Web site. With the UltraDev authentication tools, you can add this functionality to your site in minutes. If you want greater control over the process, you can build your own authentication routines using recordsets and hidden regions.



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