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Hour 15. Create a Form and Use It to Col... > Create a Jump Menu to Navigate to Di... - Pg. 225

Create a Form and Use It to Collect Data 225 Create a Jump Menu to Navigate to Different URLs A jump menu is a list of links that allows the viewer to jump to other Web sites or different Web pages within the current site. Dreamweaver's Jump Menu object makes it easy to set up this type of jump menu. You can create a jump menu of email links, images, or any object that can be dis- played in a browser. Dreamweaver's Jump Menu object inserts a pop-up menu similar to the one you created a few minutes ago. You set up the list values in a special dialog box. The item labels appear in the pop- up menu and the values contain the URL to the Web pages that the user will jump to. If you need to edit the jump menu after you have created it in the special dialog box, you will need to brush off the form skills you've learned in this hour and the behavior skills you've learned in previous hours. To create a jump menu: 1. 2. Place the insertion point on the page where you want the jump menu to appear. You don't need to insert a form because the Jump Menu object will do that for you. Select the Jump Menu object from the Object palette or the Jump Menu command from the Form Object sub-menu of the Insert menu. The Insert Jump Menu dialog box appears as shown in Figure 15.18.