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15.7. Apache:: Modules

Apache::Registry is the most commonly used mod_perl module. But there are many more, all available on CPAN. Table 15-1 lists the Apache::* modules and which handler they're designed to be used with, but you should also check the apache-modlist.html file on CPAN for the very latest listing.

Table 15-1. Apache::Modules
Apache::CallHandler Map filenames to subroutine calls
Apache::Dir Control directory indexing
Apache::Embperl Embed Perl code in HTML files
Apache::ePerl Embedded Perl (ePerl) emulation
Apache::FTP Emulate an FTP proxy
Apache::GzipChain Compress output from another handler
Apache::JavaScript Generate JavaScript code
Apache::OutputChain Chain multiple handlers via "filter" modules
Apache::PassFile Send files via OutputChain
Apache::Registry Run unaltered CGI scripts
Apache::RobotRules Enforce robots.txt rules
Apache::Sandwich Add per-directory headers and footers
Apache::VhostSandwich Add headers and footers for virtual hosts
Apache::SSI Implement server side includes in Perl
Apache::Stage Manage a document staging directory
Apache::WDB Query databases via DBI
Apache::AgentDeny Deny abusive clients
Apache::Authen Authenticate users
Apache::AuthCookie Authenticate and authorize users via cookies
Apache::AuthenDBI Authenticate via Perl's DBI
Apache::AuthExpire Expire authentication credentials
Apache::AuthenGSS Authenticate users with Generic Security Service
Apache::AuthenLDAP Authenticate users with LDAP
Apache::AuthNIS Authenticate users with NIS
Apache::BasicCookieAuth Accept cookie or basic authentication credentials
Apache::DBILogin Authenticate using a backend database
Apache::DCELogin Authenticate within a DCE login context
Apache::AuthAny Authenticate with any username/password
Apache::AuthCookie Authenticate and authorize via cookies
Apache::AuthzAge Authorize based on age
Apache::AuthzDCE Authorize based on DFS/DCE ACL
Apache::AuthzDBI Authorize groups via DBI
Apache::AuthNIS Authenticate and authorize via NIS
Apache::RoleAuthz Role-based authorization
Apache::AccessLimitNum Limit user access by the number of requests
Apache::DayLimit Limit access based on the day of the week
Apache::RobotLimit Limit access of robots
Apache::AcceptLanguage Send file types based on user's language preference
Apache::DynaRPC Translate URIs into RPCs
Apache::Junction Mount remote web-server namespace
Apache::LowerCaseGETs Translate to lowercase URIs as needed
Apache::MsqlProxy Translate URIs into mSQL queries
Apache::ProxyPassThru Skeleton for vanilla proxy
Apache::ProxyCache Caching proxy
Apache::HttpEquiv Convert HTML HTTP-EQUIV tags to HTTP headers
Apache::Timeit Benchmark Perl handlers
Apache::DumpHeaders Display HTTP transaction headers
Apache::Traffic Log the number of bytes transferred on a per-user basis
Apache::WatchDog Look for problematic URIs
Apache::Resource Limit resources used by httpd children
Server configuration
Apache::ConfigLDAP Configure server via LDAP and <Perl> sections
Apache::ConfigDBI Configure server via DBI and <Perl> sections
Apache::ModuleConfig Interface to configuration API
Apache::PerlSections Utilities for <Perl> sections
Apache::httpd_conf Methods to configure and run an httpd
Apache::src Methods for finding and reading bits of source
Apache::DBI Manage persistent DBI connections
Apache::Sybase Manage persistent DBlib connections
Apache::Mysql Manage persistent mysql connections
Interfaces and integration with various Apache C modules
Apache::Constants Constants defined in httpd.h
Apache::Include Enable use of Apache::Registry scripts within SSI with mod_include
Apache::Global Give access to server global variables
Apache::LogError Give an interface to aplog_error
Apache::LogFile Give an interface to Apache's piped logs, etc.
Apache::Mime Give an interface to mod_mime functionality
Apache::Module Give an interface to Apache C module structures
Apache::Options Import Apache::Constants "options"
Apache::Scoreboard Give an interface to scoreboard API
Apache::Servlet Give an interface to the Java Servlet engine
Apache::Sfio Give an interface to r->connection->client->sf*
Development and debug tools
Apache::Debug Provide debugging utilities to mod_perl
Apache::DProf Hook Devel::DProf into mod_perl
Apache::FakeRequest Implement Apache methods offline
Apache::Peek Emulate Devel::Peek for mod_perl
Apache::SawAmpersand Make sure no one is using $&, $', or $'
Apache::StatINC Reloads used or required files when updated
Apache::Status Get information about loaded modules
Apache::Symbol Support symbols
Apache::test Define handy routines for make test scripts
Apache::Byterun Run Perl bytecode modules
Apache::Mmap Share data via Mmap module
Apache::Persistent Store data via IPC::, DBI, or disk
Apache::PUT Handler for the HTTP PUT method
Apache::RegistryLoader Apache::Registry startup script loader
Apache::Safe Adaptation of safecgiperl
Apache::Session Maintain client <-> httpd session/state
Apache::SIG Signal handlers for mod_perl
Apache::State Powerful state engine



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