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Chapter 18. Apache Configuration > LimitXMLRequestBody - Pg. 519

<Files> FileETag FileETag FileETag flags Configures how the server forms the ETag response header used for network cache man- agement. The header value is formed from a combination of certain file attributes. The flag keywords can be used in the directive with a plus or minus in front of them to indicate if they will be included or excluded from the determination with respect to a broader scope. The flags are: INode The file's inode number MTime The last-modified data and time of the file Size The size of the file All indicates all three attributes should be used. None specifies that no ETag value should be added. <Files> <Files> <Files> ... </Files> The <Files> directive is a sectioning directive that identifies the file or files to which contained access-control directives apply. The start tag has this format: <Files filename> where filename is the name of any file that should have restrictions placed on it. Note that filename may include wildcard characters (such as * and ? ) to designate a set of files. In addition, you may place it inside a <Directory> directive to further restrict which files are affected. You can also specify regular expressions by preceding them with a tilde ( ~ ). Apache Configura- tion Chapter 18:Apache Configuration | 519