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Chapter 18. Templates > Template Basics - Pg. 615

CHAPTER 18 Templates Some Web designers handcraft sites with loving care, changing layouts, colors, fonts, banners, and navigation from page to page. But that approach isn't always practical-- or desirable. Consistency is a good thing. Web pages that look and act similarly reassure visitors; when only important material changes from page to page, readers can con- centrate on finding the information they want. Even more important, a handcrafted approach is often unrealistic when you're designing on a deadline. This is where templates come in. Frequently, the underlying design of many pages on many Web sites is identical (see Figure 18-1). For instance, a company Web site with an employee directory may dedicate a single Web page to each employee. Each em- ployee page probably has the same navigation bar, banner, footer, and layout. Only a