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Chapter 19. Automating Dreamweaver > Create Web Photo Album

19.2. Create Web Photo Album

So you took your digital camera to your nephew's wedding. Your phone's ringing off the hook with family wanting to see those pictures. Using Dreamweaver's Create Web Photo Album command, you can quickly generate a simple showcase for your digital masterpieces. (This command works only if you have Macromedia Fireworks on your computer.)

Pasting Bullet Points

All of this business about creating your own software-robot macro commands in Dreamweaver pays off in plenty of eccentric circumstances. Here's a prime example: When you copy and paste bulleted text from a word processing program (shown here at top) into Dreamweaver (bottom), you don't end up with a bulleted list. Instead, Dreamweaver pastes the list as a single paragraph. Each list item ends in a line break, and is preceded not with an HTML bullet, but with a bullet character (which won't display properly on the Web). If you use a Mac, you're even worse off—you get the Greek letter Sigma instead of a bullet character!

Fortunately, you can whip up a quick little command to get that text in shape. Here's how:

Click just before the first item in the list, and then choose Commands→Start Recording. As usual, the cursor turns into a cassette tape icon to show that Dreamweaver is recording.

Press Delete (Windows) or Del (Mac) to delete the bullet symbol. (That's the forward-delete key; if your older Mac keyboard lacks one, press Shift-right arrow, then the regular Delete key.) Now press End to make the insertion point jump to the end of the line; then press Backspace (Windows) or Delete (Mac) to nuke the unnecessary line-break character.

Press End, and then Return, to create a new paragraph. Finally, choose Commands→Stop Recording.

Now you're ready to replay the newly created command: Click before the next problem line in the list, and then press Ctrl+P (-P) to trigger the cleanup command. Continue until you've applied the command to each item in the list.

After you've gotten rid of the bad formatting, all you need to do is transform your information into a proper HTML bulleted list. Select the list items and click the Bulleted List button in the Property inspector (see Figure 3-2, page 65). You may want to save this command permanently to your Commands menu (see page 580 for instructions).



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