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Chapter 17. Timelines > Timeline Operation Summary

17.5. Timeline Operation Summary

Table 17-2 summarizes the timeline-related commands.

Table 17-2. Timeline operations
Operation Command
Open the Timelines panel Window Timelines (Shift+F9)
Add a keyframe Modify Timeline Add Keyframe (F6)
Remove a keyframe Modify Timeline Remove Keyframe (Shift+F6)
Delete a frame Modify Timeline Remove Frame
Add a frame Modify Timeline Add Frame
Add a behavior Modify Timeline Add Behavior to Timeline
Record animation in real time Modify Timeline Record Path of Layer
Add an object to a timeline Modify Timeline Add Object to Timeline
Use a different object with an animation sequence Modify Timeline Change Object
Delete an object (animation bar) Modify Timeline Remove Object
Delete an animation channel from a timeline Select it in the Timelines panel and press the Delete key
Change a timeline's frame rate Use the Fps field in the Timelines panel
Switch between timelines Use the Timelines pop-up menu in the Timelines panel
Create a new timeline Modify Timeline Add Timeline
Delete an entire timeline Modify Timeline Remove Timeline
Rename a timeline Modify Timeline Rename Timeline
Delete frame behaviors in the Behaviors channel Modify Timeline Remove Behavior
Play a timeline Enable the Autoplay checkbox or apply the Timeline Play Timeline behavior
Stop a timeline Apply Timeline Stop Timeline behavior
Jump to a specific frame in a timeline Apply Timeline Go To Timeline behavior (also see the Loop checkbox)
Preview an animation in Dreamweaver Use the Rewind, Back, and Play buttons in the Timelines panel
Preview an animation in browser File Preview in Browser (F12)



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