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Chapter 8. Templates > Template Operation Summary

8.3. Template Operation Summary

Table 8-1 summarizes the template operations.

Table 8-1. Template operations
Operation Commands
Open Templates panel Window Templates
Edit an existing template File Open (Files of Type Template files) or double-click the name in Templates panel
Create a new template File New, followed by File Save as Template
Create new document based on a template File New from Template
Apply a template to an existing file[1] Modify Templates Apply Template to Page
Delete a template Select a template in Templates panel and press the Delete key
Refresh the template list Use the Refresh icon in Templates panel
Update the current page based on revised templates Modify Templates Update Current Page
Update files sitewide based on the revised template Modify Templates Update Pages
Detach a template from a file Modify Templates Detach from Template
Define an editable region[2] Modify Templates New Editable Region

Ctrl+Alt+V (Windows)

Cmd+Opt+V (Macintosh)
Remove an editable region Modify Templates Remove Editable Region
Copy templates between sites Use the Copy to Site option in the Templates panel
Select a region Modify Templates name
Change the highlighted color of editable regions Edit Preferences Highlighting Editable Regions and Locked Regions

[1] Also available from the Templates panel using either an icon or the pop-up menu (see Figure 8-7).

[2] Available from the contextual menu using right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Macintosh).



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