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A.8. Tables

Table A-8 documents the options for manipulating tables. You can read more about managing tables in Chapter 3.

Table A-8. Options for manipulating tables
Action Menu or description Windows Macintosh
Select table Modify Table Select Table Ctrl+A Cmd+A
Merge cells Modify Table Merge Cells Ctrl+Alt+M Cmd+Opt+M
Split cells Modify Table Split Cells Ctrl+Alt+S Cmd+Opt+S
Insert row Modify Table Insert Row Ctrl+M Cmd+M
Insert column Modify Table Insert Column Ctrl+Shift+A Cmd+Shift+A
Insert rows and columns Modify Table Insert Rows and Columns Alt+M, T, I N/A
Delete row Modify Table Delete Row Ctrl+Shift+M Cmd+Shift+M
Delete column Modify Table Delete Column Ctrl+Shift+- Cmd+Shift+-
Increase row span Modify Table Increase Row Span Alt+M, T, R N/A
Increase cell column span Modify Table Increase Column Span Ctrl+Shift+] Cmd+Shift+]
Decrease row span Modify Table Decrease Row Span Alt+M, T, W N/A
Decrease cell column span Modify Table Decrease Column Span Ctrl+Shift+[ Cmd+Shift+[
Clear cell heights Modify Table Clear Cell Heights Alt+M, T, H N/A
Clear cell widths Modify Table Clear Cell Widths Alt+M, T, T N/A
Convert column widths to pixels Modify Table Convert Widths to Pixels Alt+M, T, X N/A
Convert column widths to percent Modify Table Convert Widths to Percent Alt+M, T, O N/A
Left-align object Modify Align Left Ctrl+Shift+1 Cmd+Shift+1
Right-align object Modify Align Right Ctrl+Shift+3 Cmd+Shift+3
Top-align object Modify Align Top Ctrl+Shift+4 Cmd+Shift+4
Bottom-align object Modify Align Bottom Ctrl+Shift+6 Cmd+Shift+6
Make objects same width Modify Align Make Same Width Ctrl+Shift+7 Cmd+Shift+7
Make objects same height Modify Align Make Same Height Ctrl+Shift+9 Cmd+Shift+9
Defer table update Edit Preferences General Faster Table Updating Ctrl+Space Cmd+Space
Standard view View Table View Standard View Ctrl+Shift+F6 Cmd+Shift+F6
Layout view View Table View Layout View Ctrl+F6 Cmd+F6
Insert table in Standard view Insert Table Ctrl+Alt+T Cmd+Opt+T
Draw multiple tables or cells in Layout view Use Draw Layout Table or Draw Layout Cell tool in Objects panel without reselecting tool Hold down Ctrl key while drawing Hold down Cmd key while drawing
Don't snap to grid in Layout view Prevent tables and cells from snapping to nearby elements (within 8 pixels) Hold down Alt key while drawing Hold down Opt key while drawing
Select rectangular area of cells Click in upper-left corner, then Shift-click in lower-right corner Shift-click Shift-click
Contextual menu Displays contextual popup menu Right-click Ctrl-click
Nudge cell by one pixel Move cells in Layout view Arrow keys Arrow keys
Nudge cell by ten pixels Move cells in Layout view Shift+arrow keys Shift+arrow keys
Next cell Move insertion point to next cell (adds a new row if necessary) Tab Tab
Previous cell Move insertion point to previous cell Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
Format table Commands Format Table Alt+C, F N/A
Sort table Commands Sort Table Alt+C, S N/A
Import tabular data File Import Import Tabular Data Alt+F, I, T N/A
Export tabular data File Export Export Table Alt+F, E, T N/A
Create layers from a table Modify Convert Tables to Layers Alt+M, C, T N/A
Create a table from layers Modify Convert Layers to Table Alt+M, C, L N/A



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