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Part V: Appendixes > Insert Menu

A.5. Insert Menu

The Insert menu inserts HTML objects into a document, as indicated in Table A-5. Also see the Objects panel and Table 1-1 in Chapter 1, the discussion of core objects in Chapter 2, the insertion of external assets in Chapter 5, and the coverage of forms in Chapter 3.

Table A-5. Insert menu options and shortcuts
Insert Menu Windows Macintosh
Hyperlink Modify Make Link Ctrl+L Cmd+L
Image Insert Image Ctrl+Alt+I Cmd+Opt+I
Rollover image Insert Interactive Images Rollover Image Alt+I, N, R N/A
Navigation bar Insert Interactive Images Navigation Bar Alt+I, N, G N/A
Flash Button Insert Interactive Images Flash Button Alt+I, N, F N/A
Flash Text Insert Interactive Images Flash Text Alt+I, N, L N/A
Fireworks HTML Insert Interactive Images Fireworks HTML Alt+I, N, I N/A
Flash media Insert Media Flash Ctrl+Alt+F Cmd+Opt+F
Shockwave media Insert Media Shockwave Ctrl+Alt+D Cmd+Opt+D
Generator media Insert Media Generator Alt+I, M, G N/A
Java Applet Insert Media Applet Alt+I, M, A N/A
Plugin Insert Media Plugin Alt+I, M, P N/A
ActiveX control Insert Media ActiveX Alt+I, M, C N/A
HTML table Insert Table Ctrl+Alt+T Cmd+Opt+T
Layer Insert Layer Alt+I, Y N/A
Insert frames Insert Frames Alt+I, S N/A
Form Insert Form Alt+I, F N/A
Text field Insert Form Objects Text Field Alt+I, B, T N/A
Button Insert Form Objects Button Alt+I, B, B N/A
Checkbox Insert Form Objects Check Box Alt+I, B, C N/A
Radio button Insert Form Objects Radio Button Alt+I, B, R N/A
List/menu Insert Form Objects List/Menu Alt+I, B, L N/A
File field Insert Form Objects File Field Alt+I, B, F N/A
Image field Insert Form Objects Image Field Alt+I, B, I N/A
Hidden field Insert Form Objects Hidden Field Alt+I, B, H N/A
Jump menu Insert Form Objects Jump Menu Alt+I, B, J N/A
Server-side include Insert Server-Side Include Alt+I, E N/A
Email link Insert Email Link Alt+I, L N/A
Date Insert Date Alt+I, D N/A
Tabular data Insert Tabular Data Alt+I, A N/A
Horizontal rule Insert Horizontal Rule Alt+I, Z N/A
Named anchor Insert Invisible Tags Named Anchor Ctrl+Alt+A Cmd+Opt+A
Script Insert Invisible Tags Script Alt+I, V, P N/A
Comment Insert Invisible Tags Comment Alt+I, V, O N/A
Meta tag Insert Head Tags Meta Alt+I, H, M N/A
Keywords Insert Head Tags Keywords Alt+I, H, K N/A
Description Insert Head Tags Description Alt+I, H, D N/A
Refresh Insert Head Tags Refresh Alt+I, H, R N/A
Base tag Insert Head Tags Base Alt+I, H, B N/A
Link tag Insert Head Tags Link Alt+I, H, L N/A
Line break Insert Special Characters Line Break Shift+Return Shift+Return
Nonbreaking space Insert Special Characters Non-Breaking Space Ctrl+Shift+Space Cmd+Shift+Space
Copyright symbol Insert Special Characters Copyright Alt+I, C, C N/A
Registered trademark symbol Insert Special Characters Registered Alt+I, C, R N/A
Trademark symbol Insert Special Characters Trademark Alt+I, C, T N/A
Pound symbol Insert Special Characters Pound Alt+I, C, P N/A
Yen symbol Insert Special Characters Yen Alt+I, C, Y N/A
Euro symbol Insert Special Characters Euro Alt+I, C, U N/A
Left quote Insert Special Characters Left Quote Alt+I, C, L N/A
Right quote Insert Special Characters Right Quote Alt+I, C, I N/A
Em-dash Insert Special Characters Em-Dash Alt+I, C, M N/A
Other characters Insert Special Characters Other Alt+I, C, O N/A
More object types from Exchange Insert Get More Objects Alt+I, G N/A



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