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Part V: Appendixes > Document Editing Shortcuts

A.16. Document Editing Shortcuts

Table A-16 lists the options and shortcuts that control document editing. Also see Chapter 1 and Chapter 7.

Table A-16. HTML option shortcuts
Action Menu Windows Macintosh
Undo Edit Undo Ctrl+Z, Alt+BkSp Cmd+Z, Opt+BkSp
Redo Edit Redo Ctrl+Y, Ctrl+Shift+Z Cmd+Y, Cmd+Shift+Z
Cut Edit Cut Ctrl+X, Shift+Del Cmd+X, Shift+Del
Copy Edit Copy Ctrl+C; Ctrl+Ins Cmd+C, Cmd+Ins
Paste Edit Paste Ctrl+V, Shift+Ins Cmd+V, Shift+Ins
Copy HTML Edit Copy HTML Ctrl+Shift+C Cmd+Shift+C
Paste HTML Edit Paste HTML Ctrl+Shift+V Cmd+Shift+V
Select all Edit Select All Ctrl+A Cmd+A
Select parent tag Edit Select Parent Tag Ctrl+Shift+< Cmd+Shift+<
Select child tag Edit Select Child Ctrl+Shift+> Cmd+Shift+>
Find and replace Edit Find and Replace Ctrl+F Cmd+F
Find next/again Edit Find Next/Again F3 Cmd+G
Open Quick Tag Editor Modify Quick Tag Editor Ctrl+T Cmd+T
Balance braces N/A Ctrl+' Cmd+'
Toggle views View Switch Views Ctrl+Tab Cmd+Tab
Toggle breakpoint See {} icon in Code view toolbar Ctrl+Alt+B Cmd+Opt+B
Delete word left Modifier+Backspace Ctrl+BkSp Cmd+BkSp
Delete word right Modifier+Delete key Ctrl+Del Cmd+Del
Select line up Shift+up arrow Shift+Up Shift+Up
Select line down Shift+down arrow Shift+Down Shift+Down
Select previous character Shift+left arrow Shift+Left Shift+Left
Select next character Shift+right arrow Shift+Right Shift+Right
Previous page Page up PgUp PgUp
Next page Page down PgDn PgDn
Select previous page Shift+Page up Shift+PgUp Shift+PgUp
Select next page Shift+Page down Shift+PgDn Shift+PgDn
Go to next word Modfier+right arrow Ctrl+Right Cmd+Right
Go to previous word Modfier+left arrow Ctrl+Left Cmd+Left
Go to previous paragraph Modfier+up arrow Ctrl+Up Cmd+Up
Go to next paragraph Modfier+down arrow Ctrl+Down Cmd+Down
Move to start of line Home Home Home
Move to end of line End End End
Select to start of line Shift+Home Shift+Home Shift+Home
Select to end of line Shift+End Shift+End Shift+End
Top of file Modfier+Home Ctrl+Home Cmd+Home
Bottom of file Modfier+End Ctrl+End Cmd+End
Select to start of file Modfier+Shift+Home Ctrl+Shift+Home Cmd+Shift+Home
Select to end of file Modfier+Shift+End Ctrl+Shift+End Cmd+Shift+End
Select until next word Modfier+Shift+right arrow Ctrl+Shift+Right Cmd+Shift+Right
Select from previous word Modfier+Shift+left arrow Ctrl+Shift+Left Cmd+Shift+Left
Select from previous paragraph Modfier+Shift+up arrow Ctrl+Shift+Up Cmd+Shift+Up
Select until next paragraph Modfier+Shift+down arrow Ctrl+Shift+Down Cmd+Shift+Down
Indent code Edit Indent Code Ctrl+] Cmd+]
Outdent code Edit Outdent Code Ctrl+[ Cmd+[
Launch external editor Edit Launch External Editor Ctrl+E Cmd+E
Refresh Design View View Refresh Design View F5 F5
View Head Content View Head Content Ctrl+Shift+W Cmd+Shift+W
Document window toolbar View Toolbar Ctrl+Shift+T Cmd+Shift+T



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