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Part V: Appendixes > Site Window Menus

A.12. Site Window Menus

Table A-12 documents the options and shortcuts available in the Site window (the Site window has a menu bar in Windows only). See Table A-11 for details on the Document window's Site menu. Also see Chapter 6 and Chapter 7.

Table A-12. Site window menu options
Action Menu (Windows only) Windows Macintosh
Open new Document window New Window Ctrl+N Cmd+N
Create new document from template New from Template Alt+F, M N/A
Create and link to new file[14] File New File Ctrl+Shift+N Cmd+Shift+N
Create new folder File New Folder Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N Cmd+Opt+Shift+N
Open existing file File Open Ctrl+O Cmd+O
Open selected file File Open Selection Ctrl+Alt+Shift+O; Enter Cmd+Opt+Shift+O, Return
Close Site window File Close Ctrl+W; Ctrl+F4 Cmd+W
Save site map picture[14] File Save Site Map Alt+F, V (saves as BMP or PNG) Saves as PICT or JPEG
Rename file File Rename F2 F2
Delete file File Delete Del Del
Check links Site Check Links Shift+F8 Shift+F8
Preview in primary browser File Preview in Browser browser1 F12 F12
Preview in secondary browser File Preview in Browser browser2 Ctrl+F12, Shift+F12 Cmd+F12, Shift+F12
Refresh[16] View Refresh F5 F5
Refresh Local Site[16] View Refresh Local Shift+F5 Shift+F5
Refresh Remote Site[16] View Refresh Remote Alt+F5 Opt+F5
View file as root[14] View View as Root Ctrl+Shift+R Cmd+Shift+R
Show/hide link[14] View Show/Hide Link Ctrl+Shift+Y Cmd+Shift+Y
Show page titles[14] View Show Page Titles Ctrl+Shift+T Cmd+Shift+T
Connect/disconnect from server Site ConnectSite Disconnect Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F5 Cmd+Opt+Shift+F5
Download files Site Get Ctrl+Shift+D Cmd+Shift+D
Check out files Site Check Out Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D Cmd+Opt+Shift+D
Upload files Site Put Ctrl+Shift+U Cmd+Shift+U
Check in files Site Check In Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U Cmd+Opt+Shift+U
Check links sitewide Site Check Links Sitewide Ctrl+F8 Cmd+F8
Link to new file[14] Site Link to New File Ctrl+Shift+N Cmd+Shift+N
Link to existing file[14] Site Link to Existing Ctrl+Shift+K Cmd+Shift+K
Change link[14] Site Change Link Ctrl+L Cmd+L
Remove link[14] Site Remove Link Ctrl+Shift+L, Delete Cmd+Shift+L, Delete
Site Files view Window Site Files F8 F8
Site Map view Window Site Map Alt+F8 Opt+F8
Assets panel Window Assets F11 F11
Minimize all Window Minimize All Shift+F4 N/A
Restore all Window Restore All Alt+Shift+F4 N/A
Help Help Using Dreamweaver F1 F1
Reference panel Help Reference Shift+F1 Shift+F1
Zoom in site map N/A Ctrl+ + (plus) Cmd+ + (plus)
Zoom out site map N/A Ctrl+ - (hyphen) Cmd+ - (hyphen)
Cancel FTP Transfer N/A Esc Esc
Open Code Inspector N/A F10 F10

[14] Also available under Site Site Map View menu of the main menu bar (Macintosh only).

[16] Also available under Site Site Files View menu of the main menu bar (Macintosh only).



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