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Part V: Appendixes > Window Menu and Panels

A.1. Window Menu and Panels

The Window menu allows you to open the myriad of panels available in Dreamweaver, as listed in Table A-1. Table A-1 is an enhanced version of Table 1-4.

Table A-1. Dreamweaver panels and shortcuts
Action Menu Windows Macintosh
Objects panel Window Object Ctrl+F2 Cmd+F2
Property inspector Window Properties or Modify Selection Properties Ctrl+F3, Ctrl+Shift+J Cmd+F3 Cmd+Shift+J
Launcher Window Launcher Alt+W, U N/A
Site Files view Window Site Files or Site Site Files F8 F8
Site Map view Window Site Map or Site Site Map Alt+F8 Opt+F8
Assets panel Window Assets F11 F11
Behaviors panel Window Behaviors Shift+F3 Shift+F3
Code Inspector Window Code Inspector F10 F10
CSS Styles panel Window CSS Styles Shift+F11 Shift+F11
Frames panel Window Frames Shift+F2 Shift+F2
History panel Window History Shift+F10 Shift+F10
HTML Styles panel Window HTML Styles Ctrl+F11 Cmd+F11
Layers panel Window Layers F2 F2
Library category of Assets panel Window Library Alt+W, I N/A
Reference panel (open or close) Window Reference Ctrl+Shift+F1 Cmd+Shift+F1
Reference tab Help Reference Shift+F1 Shift+F1
Timelines panel Window Timelines Shift+F9 Shift+F9
Templates category of Assets panel Window Templates Alt+W, M N/A
Arrange panels Window Arrange Panels Alt+W, G N/A
Show/Hide panels Window Show/Hide Panels F4 F4
Minimize all panels Window Minimize All (Windows only) Shift+F4 Not supported
Restore all panels Window Restore All (Windows only) Alt+Shift+F4 Not supported
Document window Window document N/A N/A
Quick Tag Editor Modify Quick Tag Editor Ctrl+T Cmd+T



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