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Chapter 9. Interapplication Communication with Scripts

9. Interapplication Communication with Scripts

Scripts written for any Adobe Creative Suite 2 application can communicate with other Creative Suite 2 applications in three ways:

  • Cross-DOM Functions (page 194)

    This limited set of basic functions is common across all Adobe Creative Suite 2 applications, and allows your script to, for example, open or print files in other applications, simply by calling the open or print function for that application. Cross-DOM API Reference (page 195) provides reference details for the functions of the Cross-DOM.

  • Cross-DOM API Reference (page 195)

    Each Adobe Creative Suite 2 application exports a set of functions to provide a selected set of application-specific functionality. For example, a Bridge script can request a photo merge in photoshop by calling photoshop.photomerge(files). The set of functions available for each application varies widely.

  • Communicating Through Interapplication Messages (page 197)

    The interapplication message framework is an application programming interface (API) that allows extensive control over communication between applications. The API allows you to send messages to other applications and receive results, and to receive messages sent by other applications and return results. Typically the data passed between applications are JavaScript scripts. However, the messaging framework is extensible. It allows you to define different types of data to send between applications, and to specify how the data is handled.

    Interapplication Message API Reference (page 208) provides complete reference details.



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