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Chapter FOUR. Advanced Page Editing > TIP 98: Controlling PDF Page Size and Mar...

TIP 98: Controlling PDF Page Size and Margins

Converting Web pages to PDF documents can get tricky when the proportions of your pages don't match your intended paper size. The PDF Creation Inspector (Figure 98) lets you control several options related to page orientation, document dimensions, and margins, which will help you solve these problems:

  • Paper Size: You'll probably want to select Letter, but you can choose from several defaults.

  • Orientation: Switch between Portrait and Landscape depending on the layout of the page.

  • Margin: Adjust all four margins of the PDF here or click the Link All Margins icon to automatically use the same margin on all four sides.

  • Shrink Content to Paper Width: If the content of your page doesn't fit in the paper size, trying to print can result in unexpected page tiling. We recommend you enable this option. When you do so, GoLive shrinks the page to fit your paper width and even accounts for custom page margins.

Figure 98. Adjust page size settings for PDF creation in the Inspector or as part of a PDF Preset.

Common Printer Considerations

If you intend for your visitors to download and print a PDF from your site, you need to consider common limitations of household printers. For example, many inkjet and laser printers cannot print on the outside quarter or half inch of the paper. This is a good reason to adjust the content margins on your PDF.

If you find yourself entering the same settings over and over again, see Tip 97 to learn how to set these once and for all just how you like them.

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