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Chapter FOUR. Advanced Page Editing > TIP 95: Exporting Web Pages to PDF

TIP 95: Exporting Web Pages to PDF

The PDF Preview mode lets you convert any Web page to a PDF with one click, and it becomes more powerful with every new version of GoLive. If you're not accustomed to converting Web pages to PDF, you might wonder why you would want to do it. Some of the most common uses include:

  • Preparing a page for review by a client, co-worker, or art director: It's so much easer to email a single PDF than to upload to a staging server or explain how to unpack a compressed .sit or .zip archive. Anybody with a computer and a pulse can view a PDF with the free Adobe Reader (www.adobe.com/reader).

  • Generating a print version: If you want to offer your visitors a print-ready version of a page without having to surrender yourself to the whims of browsers and printers, just use a PDF.

  • Archiving a page design: We always do this before handing over a site to clients who want to do their own updates. Your great design will probably never look the same again, and PDF is a great way to preserve it.

Printing a PDF

It's easy and convenient to print PDF files right inside GoLive without launching Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Double-click a PDF file in the Site window to open it in GoLive and click the Print PDF icon in the toolbar.

Handy Icons

Use the icons at the bottom of the PDF Preview to change the page, view, rotation, and zoom of the file.

It's easy to convert Web pages to PDF files with GoLive. Just switch to PDF Preview mode and click the Export as Adobe PDF icon in the toolbar (Figure 95).

Figure 95. Export or email any page as an Adobe PDF with a single click.

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