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As I sit down to write these acknowledgments, the first person who comes to mind is you, the reader. We've never met, but I feel like I know you. You've been on my mind every day for the last few months. I've pictured you choosing this book at the bookstore, sitting down at your computer to give it a try, or grabbing it off the shelf to reread something you found useful. Thank you for buying the book and for being my inspiration.

Thanks to my friend and coauthor, Colin Smith. Colin made all the graphics for these projects, and he let me do all the writing without secondguessing me. He was always there at the other end of my email. And I know that he slept as little as I did. Colin—it's been a pleasure. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Jack Davis—I can't thank you enough for giving me this opportunity. The How to Wow series is Jack's baby. He nurtured it and made it happen. Jack, your ideas and the terrific model we had in How to Wow: Photoshop for Photography were our touchstones.

Dean Collins—you were the first person I thought to call when I finished writing this book. That's because you're so supportive, and our long phone conversations always put me in a good mood. Dean is the brains behind Software Cinema, Inc., which is publishing the How to Wow training CDs that have grown out of this book. Dean, you're the rock star!

Thanks to my colleague and partner David Van de Water. He read every word, lending his good eye and good taste to the process.

To all the team at Peachpit Press—our patient editor Rebecca Gulick, production manager David Van Ness, and publisher Nancy Ruenzel—thanks for making this the most pleasant writing experience I've had. Jill Davis—thanks for creating the InDesign template into which I wrote directly. You can't imagine how much time that saved. To Ben Willmore, who cowrote How to Wow: Photoshop for Photography with Jack—thanks for that pack of Jolt gum. It kept me awake through the first chapter, but I sure could have used a whole case of the stuff.

Last, but certainly not least, thanks to my family, Coby Kabili, Kate Kabili, and Ben Kabili, for putting up with me being at the office all the time. I promise dinner will be on time from now on.

Jan Kabili

Before I say anything else, I just want to thank all the wonderful and loyal people who read my books and magazine articles, watch my videos, attend my seminars, and visit the Web site photoshopCAFE.com. Thanks for all the encouraging emails. I would not be doing this for a living if it wasn't for you. I am grateful beyond words!

This book that you are holding is the result of the synergy of a great team. It wouldn't be complete without mentioning a few special people.

First of all, thanks to Jan Kabili for putting up with my endless hair-splitting during tech edits and for putting in the all-nighters to make this book happen.

Thanks to Jack Davis for having the confidence in me to work on this project. It's been an honor, and I enjoyed hanging out with you at Photoshop World, despite having to evacuate because of the hurricane!

The Peachpit team, especially Nancy Ruenzel, Rebecca Gulick, and David Van Ness, you're an awesome team.

Thanks to everyone at PhotoshopCAFE. Especially all the awesome Mods and Admins who keep things going smoothly and in the right spirit during my absence while I have been occupied on this book and others. You are the best!

Thanks to Gwyn Weisberg from Adobe Systems; we will make it sushi next time, I promise.

My buddies in the business, Al Ward from actionFX.com, Scott and Jeff Kelby, Chris Main, Dave Cross, Barbara Thompson, Felix Nelson, and everyone else from KW, your support and inspiration fuels me.

To all my online buddies, Phunk (effectlab), Nina (eyesondesign), Mark Monciardini (designsbymark), Malachi (liquidwerx), Jay (urbangrafixdesigns), Avi (worth1000), Trevor Morris (GFX), Ryan (eyeballdesign), Jens Karlsson (chapter3), and many others I have neglected to mention, thanks for the synergy and making things more fun!

Thanks to my wonderful family and friends; you make it all worth while.

Thanks to God for giving me the gifts I have and allowing me to use them in the way I enjoy.

Colin Smith

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