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Publishing Pages

The final step of modifying a Web page is to publish the updated page to the site. Contribute keeps this aspect of the workflow just as transparent as the initial setup. As with other features, whether the publish option is available to the user depends on the user's role and the associated adminis trative settings. Contribute, by default, establishes three separate roles: administrators, writers, and publishers. Of these three, writers can modify and create documents but not publish them. When publishing is not an option, the contributor must submit the drafts for review by someone with authorization to publish them; that is, an administrator or (more likely) a publisher.

After you finish making changes to the page, choose Publish from the main toolbar, and select File > Actions > Publish or press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+P (Cmd+Shift+P).

In this case, Contribute displays an alert that reminds you that the page is currently unlinked. This is a fairly common situation because many contributors—as well as designers—tend to think of creating the page first and then linking after. Contribute does make it possible to create a link to a new page, which inserts a link into a draft, saves the draft, and then opens the New Page dialog box. Although somewhat better than creating an unlinked page, this process still requires the user to return to the original draft that contains the link and publish that page. Contribute keeps track of pages linked to one another within the site and also offers the option to publish all linked pages.

Click Yes to confirm the publishing choice. Next, you'll need to name the file. Contribute provides a suggested name based on the earlier chosen title. To avoid conflicts with other contributors, give the page a unique name that incorporates your initials or telephone extension, such as upcoming_classes_4533.

After you click OK, the file is transferred, along with any dependent files new to the document. The placement of dependent files is administrator controlled; by default, new images are stored in a folder named images in the same folder as the published page. When the operation is finished, Contribute congratulates you on publishing the page.



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