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Chapter 1. Exploring Contribute > Adding and Formatting Images

Adding and Formatting Images

In general, contributors can include or replace images on their authorized pages. Administrators, however, have numerous controls over the resulting size as well as the source of the images for each contributor role defined. Not only are the administrator options important to maintain a consistent level of quality and design, they're also key to ensuring that image size is handled appropriately. The prevalence of digital cameras makes it entirely possible for contributors to try to upload high-resolution images not optimized for the Web.

Place the cursor in front of the first listed training session and choose Image > From Website.

There are three different places from which Contribute users can get an image: the current Web site, their own computers, and Shared Assets. The available options depend on the administrator's settings for the current role. The Shared Assets option will not be active unless one or more images are moved to the Shared Assets category by the administrator. Likewise, the other two options can be disabled so that the user can use only graphics from Shared Assets. Shared Assets and other common elements are discussed in Lesson 3.

In the Choose Image on Website dialog box, first double-click the site URL to expose the underlying folders, and then double-click the images folder to open it. Select the file baby with soother.jpg and click OK.

Contribute inserts the image at the current cursor position and highlights it with a colored border. A special toolbar appears with various graphics-specific options.

With the image selected, choose Right from the Alignment drop-down list. The image moves to the right and, at a screen resolution of 800×600, the text flows down the side of the picture.

In addition to HTML attributes such as alignment and borders, several image-manipulation tools are available—including Resize, Rotate Clockwise, Rotate Counter-Clockwise, and Crop, among others. Each of these manipulations alters the image itself—which, as Contribute will remind the user, can affect the same image if it's placed on other pages. Images stored in the Shared Assets folder cannot be modified.



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