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Chapter 2. Developing Site Structure > Creating Proper Site Hierarchy

Creating Proper Site Hierarchy

Although you could use an external file manager such as Windows Explorer or Macintosh Finder to create a site framework, there's no need: Dreamweaver has very capable file and folder management features built in. With Dreamweaver, you can create new folders, rename existing ones, and delete any that are no longer needed—directly from the Files panel.

Open the Files panel by choosing Window > Files or by pressing the keyboard shortcut F8. If the current site is not Design_Deploy, choose Design_Deploy from the site list.

The first step is to create the folders necessary to build out the site structure. Major structural folders are placed in the root of the site, and additional support folders are placed within them. For example, the site needs a folder to serve as a home for the press relations department; within that folder, another is needed to hold the ongoing press releases.

Expand the site tree, if necessary, by clicking the plus sign (+) next to the site root. With the site root selected, choose File > New Folder from the Files panel Options menu; name the folder pr. Right-click (Ctrl-click on the Mac) the pr folder and choose New Folder from the shortcut menu. Name the newly created folder releases.

Organizational folders can also be placed within existing folders. In some cases, new folders are site specific; this site, for example, needs some additional departments added in the depts folder. Most sites also need a strategy for managing common assets such as images or external documents. For this site, a central images folder established in the site root will contain subfolders for primary site divisions. External documents will be stored in each division's folder in a subfolder named docs.

Right-click (Ctrl-click) the depts folder and create new folders labeled maternity and pediatrics. Select each of these new folders in turn and make a new subfolder called docs; do the same for the nutrition folder, located in the site root. When you're done, all three department folders (maternity, pediatrics, and nutrition) should contain docs folders. Finally, select the images folder in the site root and add new subfolders for pr, hr, maternity, pediatrics, and nutrition.

If the site were being built from scratch, the nutrition folder naturally would be initially created under the depts folder. With inherited sites like this one—and many other sites you'll encounter—additional steps are required to bring the whole structure together.



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