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Chapter 12. Administering Sitewide Servi... > Preparing to Administer a Contribute...

Preparing to Administer a Contribute Site

Throughout this book, you've seen how the talents of a Dreamweaver designer can be optimized to work in a Contribute environment. Let's take a step back now and take a look at the process from the administrator's point of view. To successfully administer a Contribute-enabled site, you'll need to do the following:

  • Compare organization and Web site structures. Examining the organization's structure in relation to the site architecture helps you to determine whether one or more than one Contribute site is needed. This comparison also sets the stage for connecting to the site(s) and working with roles.

  • Collect Web site connection information. You'll need to get key bits of IT-related information. Included in this data are the general URL for the site, as well as any alternate address—including the Internet Protocol (IP) address—that might be used. You'll also need to know the transfer protocol settings, such as the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or other method address, and the user name and password for access.

  • Set up proper permissions. Before Contribute can be deployed, the appropriate access permissions must be granted to the various portions of a site. These permissions might need to be addressed on multiple levels, including the network, Web server, and (if present) the User Directory service.

  • Determine a rollback strategy. Contribute offers the ability to maintain and restore up to 99 previous versions of any page within your site. Whether such rollbacks are enabled (and to what extent) is a decision that affects Contribute users, site administration, and even system hardware.

  • Outline roles and requirements. You'll have to decide which roles are needed and then which options to enable for each role. Develop a clear hierarchical pattern that reflects your organization's structure.



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