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Adding a table

GoLive lets you quickly add tables to your documents. Tables are often used to control how text wraps on a Web page and to position text, images, and other media on a Web page. They are also used to present information in rows and columns. In this lesson, you'll add a table to present tab-separated information.

In its written appraisals, Gage Vintage Guitars uses abbreviations to describe the condition of a guitar. You'll add a table to the page that will contain a list of abbreviations and their meanings used by the company. Then you'll copy and paste data into the table from a text-only file.

Scroll downward in the document window, so that you can view the end of the document. Click after the last word in the paragraph beginning with “In our written appraisal,” and press Enter or Return.

Drag the Table icon from the Basic set of the Objects palette to the cursor on the page.

An empty table appears at the cursor location, and the Inspector changes to the Table Inspector.

Now you'll copy and paste data into the table from a text-only file. The data in the text-only file is formatted so that each line represents the contents of a row, with tabs separating the data between the columns.

Start any word-processing application, or use the File > Open command from GoLive.

Open the table.txt file In Lessons/Lesson04/04Start/.

Click in the document to create an insertion point, and choose Edit > Select All or drag to select all the text in the file. Then choose Edit > Copy or an equivalent command, depending on your word-processing application, to copy all the text in the file. Close the table.txt file without saving any changes.

You can import data into a table from a text-only file in which the data is separated with tabs using the Import button on the Table Inspector. You can also copy data from cells in another application and paste the copied material into a GoLive table. Rows and columns will be added to the GoLive table as needed. See “Adding text to tables” in the Adobe GoLive CS Online Help.

In the appraise.html document window, select all the cells in the newly added table by creating an insertion point in the first cell of the table and dragging across the rows and down the columns of the table.

Choose Edit > Paste.

Text pasted into table cells

GoLive adds extra columns and rows to the table as necessary to accommodate the copied and pasted data.

If you were not able to copy and paste the contents of table.txt into appraise.html, you can open the file table.html in GoLive and copy and paste the finished table into your document. You will need to delete the empty table you placed in appraise.html first.


Most spreadsheet applications can export data to a text-only file. For more information, see the documentation of your spreadsheet application.

Making table or cell selections

After you select a row, column, or cell in a table, you can delete the selection, copy and paste it, or drag the selection to move it within the table or to create a new table. Selecting cells or nested tables can become difficult as you add images and other content to a table.

GoLive provides you with a variety of ways to select cells, rows, columns, and nested tables to suit your needs. You can make selections directly in the document window, in the markup tree bar, or in an outline of the table in the Select tab of the Table palette. The Select tab shows a table as a bare outline, and enables you to make cell or nested table selections without the risk of resizing the selection or selecting content inside the cell.

Selected cells are outlined in bold in the document window and in the Table palette, and highlighted in source code views. In the Layout editor or Table palette, you can drag the black rectangle in the upper left corner of the selected cells to move the cells within the table or to create a new table.

–From the Adobe GoLive CS Online Help.

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