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Adding text

GoLive provides a variety of methods for adding text to your documents:

  • You can add text to a GoLive document by typing directly in the document window.

  • You can import text from another application into a table.

  • You can add text to a page using layout text boxes and layers.

  • You can copy text from a document created in another application, such as Microsoft Word, and paste the text into a GoLive document.

  • You can drag text clips, created from textEdit or Note Pad documents, from the desktop to GoLive documents.

For more information about adding text to GoLive documents, see “Adding text to Web pages” in the Adobe GoLive CS Online Help.

Now you'll add text to the page using a layout text box. You'll add a heading to the page.

Drag a Layout Text Box icon from the Basic set () of the Objects palette to the top left corner of the layout grid.

Select the layout text box, and drag it by the bottom corner handle until it is almost the width of the layout grid. (Make sure you don't make the layout text box the same size as the grid. You don't want to completely cover the grid.)

Click inside the layout text box to create an insertion point, and type Putting a Price on Your Guitar. Press Enter or Return to create a new paragraph.

You'll copy additional text for the page from another HTML document that we've provided for you, and then paste it into the layout text box.

Choose File > Open, and open the appraisetext.html file in the Lessons/Lesson04/04Start/ folder.

Click to create an insertion point anywhere in the appraisetext.html document, and choose Edit > Select All. Then choose Edit > Copy.

Choose File > Close to close the appraisetext.html document. You don't need to save any changes.

Return to the appraise.html document, and click to create an insertion point one line below the text “Putting a Price on Your Guitar.” Choose Edit > Paste to insert the copied text into the layout text box.

Notice how the layout text box expands to hold the newly added text.

Choose File > Save to save your work.

Now you're ready to format the text you've added.

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