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Getting started

In this lesson, you'll learn how to create the Appraisals page for the Gage Vintage Guitars Web site that we provided for you in Lesson 3, “Designing Web Pages.” The page provides information on how viewers can get their guitars appraised by the company. First you'll add text to the page using layout text boxes on a layout grid. Then you add a table to present information in rows and columns. You'll learn a variety of methods for formatting both text and tables. When you've completed the page design, you'll convert the grid to a table to reduce the amount of code used on the page.

First you'll view the finished page in Adobe GoLive.

Start Adobe GoLive.

By default, an introductory screen appears prompting you to create a new page, create a new site, or open an existing file.


You can set preferences for the introductory screen to not appear when you start GoLive. If the introductory screen doesn't appear, choose File > Open and go to step 3.

Click Open to open an existing file.

Open the appraise.html file in Lessons/Lesson04/04End/.

Choose Window > Inspector to open the Inspector, or click the Inspector tab if the palette is collapsed.

Click on the border around the text. Notice that the Inspector becomes the Table Inspector, indicating that the page is formatted as a table rather than a layout grid. Although text and objects were originally placed on the page using a layout grid, the grid was converted to a table as a final step in the page design.

Scroll downward in the document window, so that you can view all of the contents of the page.

Click in the upper left of the two-color table titled Abbreviations. Again notice that the Inspector becomes the Table Inspector. This table is nested in the larger table that contains the entire page.

When you have finished viewing the page, close the appraise.html file.

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